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Wordpress Powered Websites

The most popular website publishing platform on the web.

WordPress is a popular open source publishing platform for websites. By building on this platform, websites become more optimized, scalable, and manageable.

WordPress powered websites sit on-top of a powerful Core that’s loaded with lots of great features for creating and managing websites. One of the popular features of the WordPress Core is the Dashboard. The Dashboard controls WordPress websites through its graphic user interface. Website owners can login to the dashboard and better manage their website. A common website management task would be using the dashboard as a content management system to directly edit text on a website.

Along with the great management, WordPress is extremely scalable. Through Themes and plugins, developers can utilize the technology behind the Core and even add to it, making WordPress a great platform for any type of website.

We build WordPress powered websites. We setup and install, design and build themes and plugins. We’re experienced in working with WordPress and think it’s one of the greatest tools for websites.

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